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ISPA Membership

Become a Member

As a member of the Irish Society of Physician Associates (ISPA),  you are part of a society run by fellow PAs that aims to provide professional support to PAs working in Ireland.

The ISPA aims to support both student and qualified PAs in their education, training and continuing professional development. The ISPA also aims to promote the profile of the PA profession in Ireland, by providing information regarding the profession to the general public, other healthcare professionals and employers. 

How to Apply:

To become a member of the ISPA, please complete the application form. Both a student application form and an application form for qualified PAs are provided below.

Managed Voluntary Register

The Managed Voluntary Register (MVR) allows employers and potential employers to confirm whether an applicant or employee is a fully qualified physician associate.

As the physician associate profession in Ireland is not yet subject to statutory regulation, the MVR was established to provide public protection and safety. Inclusion of a PA on the register allows employers, members of the public, supervisors and other healthcare professionals to be assured that they are a fully qualified physician associate.   

The register is voluntary while work towards statutory regulation is underway, however qualified PAs, who wish to be employed in Ireland, are strongly encouraged to join the register.

Should you wish to apply for a place on the Irish Physician Associate MVR with the intent of working in Ireland, please email the ISPA with required documentation:

- Proof of your PA qualification

- Certificate showing recent successful completion of PA National Exam

- Evidence that you have earned CPD points over the last 12 months


The only method of payment currently accepted by the ISPA is Direct Debit. If you are a new member of the ISPA please contact for further details regarding payment of membership dues.

Application forms for both qualified physician associates and physician associate students are provided below. Please return completed applications to where you will receive payment details.

Joining ISPA: List

Privacy Statement

The ISPA respects the privacy of its members. Please see our Privacy Statement below for further details..

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